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Why Starting A Record Label Will Guarantee

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In today’s hyper competitive music industry, where major record labels are being swallowed up one at a time and where youtube clips are spreading around the globe faster than MTV can add videos to their playlist, the idea of starting a record label yourself and promoting your own music makes a whole lot more sense.

Starting a record label does not need millions of dollars and it doesn’t require a large infrastructure to get it off the ground, all it really needs is a creative and dedicated foot soldier who is willing to go the distance to get your music or a band’s music out there.

Starting a record label

Wondering where you will find such a dedicated and motivated person willing to give up so much of their time for the “starting a record label” cause?

Look no further than yourself……

Let’s face it no one else has as much to gain as much as you do if your trying to break into the music industry and the unfortunate truth is that no-one else really cares as much as you should about your career in the music industry.

So the question remains, why would starting a record label probably be more beneficial for your career than trying to get someone else to sign you to their label at the early stage of your career?

Prove Your Worth Before Relying On Others To Bank On You

One of the main reasons why you should seriously consider starting a record label is that without some sort of track record and success behind you, there isn’t much of a reason why a major label would sign you and invest their millions into you.

How much more likely would a booking agent, a record company or a radio station be in wanting to work with you and invest their own time and money into you if you have started the ball rolling yourself in getting your music out there?

You really need to think of this as a business proposition - record labels, managers, radio stations and booking agents are all trying to run a business and make money from bands and artists. Ask yourself this question - How attractive is your band right now in terms of them seeing a great return on their time and investment in you?

The moment you can sit in a room with any of these people and show them that you have some runs on the board and that the risk of investing their money into you would be less because you have proven yourself, you are automatically in a much better bargaining position to request what you want and most likely probably get it.

It seems pretty obvious if you think about it, will a major record label be more interested in a band or artist that sends their demo in and hope for the best or will they show more interest in a band who has spent the past two years getting their hands dirty in the music world, selling a few thousand records by starting a record label, built a nice long list of email addresses for a mailing list, sold thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, and have been featured in the media prominently because of the promotion you’ve done through your new record label?

The answer is pretty obvious….

Starting a record label and actively promoting your own music on your own accord definitely makes people think more seriously about you as a band or artist.

Starting A Record Label Makes For A Great Story

The music business is all about spin-doctoring and good storytelling. Knowing how to pitch a good story that excites people and gets them curious to know more about you and your band is the best way to grab anyone’s attention who could help advance your music career.

Starting a record label

Starting a record label and working hard at slowly crafting a good story around it is just as valuable as selling thousands of albums on your own accord.

One or two years after you have drummed up some success and your standing infrot of an A&R guy, telling him your well crafted story based on your success over the past few years, his interest factor in you and your music will shoot up from negative 5 to positive 7.

The work you put into all the promotion and distribution will not hopefully just pay off in sales and revenue but also in being able to add the memories and milestones to your career story that will hopefully WOW people in the future.

Just another reason why starting a record label makes total sense if your serious about breaking into the music industry

Getting Your Hands Dirty and Learning From The Ground Up

Let’s face it, the best way to learn anything is to just dive in and start doing it.

The whole reason why I got started in the music industry in the first place was because our band were to young to play in bars. We were way to energetic to just sit on the couch and hope for the best so we got moving and made our own under age shows which became extremely successful.

Jumping into the deep end and just starting a record label will be the only way you’ll really learn how the recording industry really works. How will you know what you are looking for in a serious record deal one day if you’ve never gone through the motions of running a label yourself? There are certain obvious clauses like artist control etc however there are so many finer sensitivities of how the recording business works that you’ll only every really understand once you take the dive and just start yourself.

Think about all the other aspects of starting a record label you’ll also be forced to learn about - how to get publicity, how to market the bands and releases on a shoestring, how to arrange distribution deals, getting press shots and press releases together.

Let’s face it, starting a record label is a tough path to go down but it is so clear that the payoff and benefits far outweigh the negatives.

The only question left to consider now is - How serious are you about your career in the music industry?

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