What Are Music Promotion Companies Doing That You Can’t?

music-promotion-companyLet’s face it, getting anywhere in life or in your career of choice is tough let alone trying to breaking into the music industry and crack the secret code to stardom.

Self promotion and understanding how music promotion companies work is without doubt a key factor in the success of any artist’s career.

However more importantly knowing how to beat the music promotion companies at what they do and discover how to do it yourself, in the long run could save you a lot of money and give you a whole lot of knowledge and experience about the music business.

Don’t get me wrong, when your band gets to a certain level of success, your manager would generally worth with the promtions team at the label or signed with or an independent company. However in the early days when the value of your band is not worth much at all, these music promotion companies will not be overly interested in busting their balls to help you.

This is also why it’s so important from early on to discover what these music promotion companies actually do in the first place and try to do it yourself.

Obviously, when you start from scratch you’ll never have the same network and infrastructure set up to compete against some of these guys.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But guess what? When you start building your own Rome, guess who owns it? Not the promotion companies that you paid to hire.

Building Your Network

The key for any promotions company is to focus on having a good network and building good relationships within that network.

Understanding who your market is for your band and knowing who the key players are at radio, local television, bars, clubs, writers for bio’s, photographers, reviewers, journalists etc is critical

When you start building that network and developing relationships with those people, the value you are creating for yourself and your band is priceless. Who knows where those people will be working in 10 years from now. The music business is like musical chairs. Today they are just a reviewer for the local entertainment guide but in seven years they might be one of the main writers for Rolling Stone magazine.

Do you see where we are going with this?

There is so much more to discuss on this topic and so many ways to build your own network to be able to compete with music promotion companies at their game.

Talking Talking Talking - Never Stop Talking

The one thing anyone inside music promotion companies love to do is talk talk talk all day long until the cows come home. That is what they are paid to do and what they do best.

How hard is it to talk about the one thing that is probably the most important thing in your life - your music career?

Get into the habit of just talking about your band - tell stories, make up stories, call people, email people

Most people won’t be interested in what you have to say but keep going. The trick is to push through and never give up. Eventually you’ll get someone that wants to listen.

You’ll also find that by talking constantly to people, whoever they are, you will become more confident in what your saying, you’ll become a better sales person at selling yourself or your band and you’ll start to really feel like a hustler in a one of the big music promotions companies.

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