What Is A Music Producer

what-is-a-music-producerThe music industry is riddled with so many different types of people. You’ve got agents, music producers, labels, distributors, a/r guys, publicists, street teams, engineers, managers, PR people, publicists…. The list goes on.

However, when you book your next studio session and you lay out your life savings to pay for it, you better know the answer to the following question -

What Is A Music Producer?

But more importantly, how is this music producer going to make me and my band sound like rock stars!

Before you read on try to answer the question in your head, because from personal experience most people don’t really understand what a music producer really is.

What Is A Music Producer Take 1

Put very simply a music producer, or as some like to say “record producers” are the very antithesis of those two words - they take the “music” you have created from a raw form and they “produce” or refine the songs into a more polished, well crafted recorded version of what you originally set out to achieve.

It’s not that complicated when you think about it, but many people don’t quite connect the dots with what their role actually is.

Their task seems relatively easy and many people claim to be “music producers” however the reality of being a successful producer is actually quite tricky and long winded.

Most people have this idea of music producers being these people that sit in recording studios all day with their legs folded up on the mixing board directing studio traffic all day long and not doing a whole out outside of eating lots of food and hanging out with the band.

Not true at all - well not in the case of great music producers

What Is A Music Producer Take 2

If you take it a step further, a great music producer is ideally a creative thinker who has an innate ability to listen to a song, understand where the artist is coming from stylistically and be able to mould a vision around those ideas and actualize them in the recording studio.

Pretty wordy paragraph but carefully strung together - It could be worth reading a few times.

What Is A Music Producer Not?

Many bands and artists always make this number one mistake in recording studios of mistaking the in-house engineer or assistant for the role of a music producer.

Big mistake!

In house engineers are there to assist or guide the producer around the studio and do all the dirty work like mic-ing up amps and getting all the plugs in the right patches, but an engineer is by no means a producer.

Two very different jobs! A good engineer should behave like a robot and do as they are told and directed while good producers should have the ideas and vision to guide the engineers accordingly.

There are obviously many more intricate paths and avenues that music producers venture down to carry out their job however this is just an overview of “what is a music producer” and what music producers are not!

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