4 Steps To Finding A Music Producer

finding-a-music-producerRegardless of how much money you have to blow on your next recording session, let’s face it, finding a music producer who will make your songs jump out through the speakers is a must.

Some artists or bands who are still playing at their local bars and clubs might think that finding a music producer is out of their league at this stage however I can assure you, I have heard many many stories of young bands approaching well known, high paying producers and winning them over, simply because their music is great and there is something that the producer likes about them

So know the trick is to figure out how to find the right music producer for your band. Below is a pretty straight forward approach to finding the right music producer for your next recording session

Step 1 - Start Researching

  • The easiest place to start is to simply pull out all your favorite albums off your shelf and begin to get an idea of who produced what. Look inside the sleeves of each CD.
  • Jump online and search for other records you love and find out who produced them
  • At this stage I would also begin speaking with friends in your local scene and start finding out who the local hot shots are aswell - there are always a few decent producers in each town

Step 2 - Listen To The Music

  • Finding a music producer isn’t really just about picking a name because they recorded with Pearl Jam, you need to start listening to each producer’s style.
  • Get to understand the types of sounds they use, they way they mic up drums, the way they work with vocals on different track. Start to really get your head into their space
  • After a while you’ll notice that every producer has their own unique sound. However it’s important to realize that not every sound might compliment your vibe

Step 3 -Does Their Style Match Your Vision

  • Now you need to come back and listen to your music again. Review your demo’s over and over again. Start to consider whether or not any of the producers your researching fits your mold?
  • Don’t be afraid if your looking at world class producers, just focus on creating your ideal wish list. Finding a music producer can also be an exploration into creating ultimate goals. You might not be able to work with them now but who knows…. Sometime in the future
  • For that reason, it is always suggested that you research a bunch of bigger producers and a bunch of more local, maybe more affordable guys
  • Make sure however, that even the locals guys actually dig your music and aren’t just interested in working with you for the money

Step 4 - Narrow Down Your Short List and Start Contacting Them

This final step is pretty straight forward. However the key here is to actually start contacting these people. Tracking down larger more influential producers can be a bit of work, but nothing a few searches on Google can’t solve.

Just make sure you make the effort to follow through and contact people

The truth is that finding a music producer that matches your bands requirements and can work with you on your music isn’t that hard or complicated. Simply follow these steps above and you will slowly start to meet different producers, and one of which will hopefully want to produce your music.

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