Donald O’Hara

12074646_10102548391325454_6505096907435038092_nWhat’s up everyone!  I’m Donald but all my friends call me Donny.  I spend my days building my businesses, creating custom furniture for dolls and miniatures, and driving my family crazy with my pranks and shenanigans.  What can I say I am a man that loves a good time and a great laugh.

Presently I have two startups and a successful tree service operation.  I like to stay business and if I’m not operating a business then I am dreaming up new ventures.  Some day I hope to have an empire to past on to my children.  That means today I have to work like a dog until that time comes.  As of right not if I stay on track I should be there in twelve years, give or take, a few months.

I know many people do not know the money involved in creating and selling doll house miniatures. My grandfather use to carve different sculptures and things from wood.  He taught me and my cousins, well he tried to teach us how to do it.  My cousins did not take to it. I was the only one.  My carvings wee so great people started making requests.  One mother asked me to create something for her daughter eighth birthday and that’s how I got started.  Fifteen years later its still making me money and I’m still creating…I think my grandpa would be proud.

That’s just a little bit about me and what I do. If I’m not working I’m with my family.  That’s it.  There is not much to me.   I am a simple man that like simple things.  For anyone that would like know anything more just contact me by clicking here.