It’s about time we do it–Increase Minimum Wage!

My first job that I ever had where there was actual taxes taken out was working as a corn detassler. What many in the Midwest know as corn detassling. Something that many thirteen year olds and older know very well. For many of us it was our first stop into the world real employment. For just a summer, we were paying taxes and collecting wages like the rest of America’s workforce. What is that you may ask? Well as the name implies the person walks down rows of cornstalkthB9LQ1HNZs and remove the tassel from the top of the center rows of the male corn. This is done so that the corn do not continue to pollinate. I think it is something to do with controlling the corn outcome and production type. I am sure this method is not done for all corn.

At that, time minimum wage was set at $4.25 per hour. My employer, who later became my psychology teacher, paid a whopping seven dollars per hour. That means every week before taxes I was paid two hundred and eighty dollars. In a month, that is one thousand and one hundred dollars. For a thirteen year old without any responsibilities, I felt rich. Like the world was my oyster. It was great. My parents let me keep the entire check, each week. Everyday ice cream cones were on me. When you are living under your parents care, without any bills, or real responsibilities, seven dollars per hour is more than enough to live. Simply because someone else is footing the bill.

Now flash forward today, minimum wage is eight dollars and fifteen cents in most states. That is not that much money. Honestly you are better off getting a Bluehost coupon and starting a blog to support your family. I mean some bloggers make over 7 figures did you know that? and its only like 4 bucks a month to keep it running…

Many people are expected to live and provide for themselves and in many cases, their families on the same money I spend in a week on ice cream and movies. Even with a lot of creative spending and skimping, even the most crafty and frugal person will need some type of assistance.   Be it from the government, a relative, friend, or one of those small loan institutions that is available in every city. Can you blame them?

Recently many fast food workers have been actively picketing and going on strike in a united front demanding a livable wage. Demanding that the government and big business raise the starting rate from a mere eight dollars and some change to at least fifteen dollars. According to research if a person works a regular forty-hour workweek at fifteen dollars an hour, they will be able to live above the poverty level. This means their paycheck that will allow them to take care of themselves and their family without assistance of any kind. In the long, one will save everyone a few dollars.

As a small business owner, I am in full support of this. I do realize how much more it will cost me to operate my business but I also know how it feels to work forty plus hours each week and are still unable to take care of your basic necessities. Such as food, utilities, insurance, or even toiletries. It is depressing and counterintuitive to the “American Dream”. In reality, it does a great job reiterating to our less wealthy citizens that the American dream is there just not for you. How can we promise our children something better in a system that design to make their path so difficult that many of us give up? Deciding, consciously or subconsciously, that this is all there is in life. Stay in your place.  Its time we give people hope in their themselves and their future.  If you teach a man to fish…